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Dialogue :

Nagisa : “Yuka was right. I’m a tremendous failure. I’m afraid of getting hurt… Even through Yuka was hurt herself… My… Our dream…Our dream which was born here… I…”
Yuka : “What’s wrong with her? Is she died?”
Orine : “Wake up! You’re going catch a cold from sleeping outside! Nagisa!”
Yuka : “I guess it can’t be helped.”
Orine : “Becoming a part of AKB is not my dream. Becoming a part of AKB with you and Nagisa is my dream.”
Yuka : “Me too.”
Nagisa : “I was pretending to be sleeping… But somehow, I ended up falling asleep. In my dream, Yuka and Orine became a part of AKB and were on that marvelous stage. As they sung and danced, I can’t help but to think they were so beautiful. The reason why i wasn’t there is… “

Sorry if the dialogue is different

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